This is a unique, entertaining and rewarding course that supports an individual, couple or groups
with self development, law of attraction with artistic creative exercises.

In this course you will learn proven writing and other techniques that focus your goals and
vision of yourself into specific intentions.

The portraits will be displayed permanently on the virtual gallery. As we grow we have the goal of printing the portraits onto walls that will be displayed in galleries and museums world wide.


Intentionportrait instructors support your interests / see you individually and walks you through a process of transformation and mindset.

They also connect you with coaches that can help you reach your goals and help you go deeper into
your intentions and make your words a reality.


The coaches in coaches corner, have all been through the process of

To better their understanding professionally as a coach and to bring individuals nothing but the

best value for what they can offer.

These Coaches can change your life in 1 hour.


When you come to completion your part of a growing network where we display your portrait in our virtual gallery permanently.

“If you wish to add your name to your portrait, you can do so by donating to

“ is an online art school with a niche towards self development that gives art supplies and
connections of creative experts to communities worldwide”.

Virtual Gallery

Our virtual gallery stores your portrait. When we reach a certain number in the collection of portraits.

We will print them on custom made walls that will be displayed in galleries and museums world wide.

Eventually the walls will come together and build the worlds largest collaborative sculpture.

Meet Our Intentionportrait instructors

Words Create Our Reality

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